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Top Breaking News Headlines

Updated constantly, this site links you to important stories as they appear in world newspapers and newsagencies. Biased towards the Western press.
Agence France Presse (AFP)
The French national newsagency. Often good on stories from the Middle East.
International financial newsagency. They often carry political news that's a cut above the normal gibberish.
Information Clearing House
News you WON'T find on CNN or Fox. Updated constantly ... also commentary and videos.
24 hour news links compiled by US progressives. Mostly US political developments.

Iraq war
Information from occupied Iraq in English and Italian. An excellent site providing links updated around the clock from world news sources, alt news and major blogs.

Excellent Russian-based site. Iraq war news plus discussion.

Al Jazeerah

The so-called CNN of the Arab world. This is where 'Arab Street' turns to get news.
Electronic Iraq
A news portal on the US-Iraq crisis published by respected Middle East alternative news publishers, The Electronic Intifada (EI).
News from the Iraqi resistance, forums, history.
The Iraqi Resistance
Original source for the Iraqi Resistance Report. A daily report on actions by the resistance (these also appear on Uruknet).
Arabic Media Internet Network
A roundup of news and opinion from Arabic and leftist Israeli and Jewish sources.
Stop the War Coalition Sydney
Keep updated on coming anti-war actions! Good news and views links.

Afghanistan newsagency. Franco-Belgian website bringing together news and views on Afghanistan from their own sources and the world media.

The Sydney Morning Herald
Sydney's broadsheet newspaper of record.
The Age
Melbourne's broadsheet newspaper of record.
The Australian
Rupert Murdoch's broadsheet.
The Courier Mail (Brisbane)
The West (Perth)
The Advertiser and the Sunday Mail (Adelaide)
The Mercury (Hobart)

Africa Home.com

Africa Daily

France Daily
Diplomatic News
Official French government POV.
French News

Deutscher Welle (German World)
Appears to be the German version of the ABC. News in 31 languages. Very good.
Berlin News

The Times of India
Hindustan Times

The Jakarta Post

The News
The Frontier Post
From the chronically troubled N-W Frontier Province, bordering Afghanistan. Raw news in wonderfully fractured English prose.
Pakistan Link

Philippine News Link
A centralised link to all major news sources.

The Russia Journal
The Moscow Times
Russia News.net
St Petersburg Times

The Independent
Run by a journalist's collective, this daily is an important antidote to the mainstram capitalist press. Unfortunately, you usually have to subscribe and pay serious money to get the articles by Robert Fisk, arguably the best reporter of Middle Eastern affairs.
The Times
Oh yeah, the world's newspaper of record ... actually Rupert Murdoch's "respectable" mouthpiece.
The Guardian

Print mediaS
The New York Times

The Washington Times
The Los Angeles Times
Chicago Tribune
Electronic media
Fox News
CBS News
CNN World
ABC news National Wire

New Scientist
Scientific American

The Electronic Journal of Australian and New Zealand History
From James Cook University and H-Net. Publishes peer-reviewed articles and book reviews online.

Radical History Review
Claims to have been ‘On the cutting edge of historical analysis for more than thirty years’. Sample articles and writings available gratis.

Janes Defence Weekly
Serious money needed to access articles in what's regarded as the West's most important source of defence and security news ... not so with
Venik's Aviation
Allegedly put together after hours by a Russian public servant, everything on this site is free.





World Socialist Web Site
Orthodox Trotskyist. Daily news updates and commentary from around the world. Very longwinded, but often insightful.
Electric Politics
Great podcast interviews giving insightful analysis of current events.
Jay's Leftist and 'Progressive' Directory
News links and resources from around the world. Very comprehensive.

Excellent European leftist site. Updated daily.


Centre for Research on Globalisation
Michel Chossudovsky's page. News, articles and links on the fraud of imperialist globalisation.
Michael Moore
Famed thorn in the side of the US elites, author of Stupid white Men and maker of Bowling for Columbine.
News Alternative
Stuff by Robert Fisk, Paul Krugman and Noam Chomsky. Other useful resources include downloadable world maps, an experts’ page on the world oil supply crisis and a domain seach lookup facility.

Socialist Alliance
International Socialist Organisation

What Really Happened
Now in its 12th year, Hawaiian Michael Rivero's blog is a legend. Links to mainstream and alt news and comment updated daily plus Rivero's pithy comments. Neocons and Zionist trolls hate this site. If you know you're being lied to and you want to know what really happened ... you'll love it!

Baghdad Burning
Also known as the Riverbend Blog. Life and politics from occupied Iraq as seen by a gal living very, very close to the events.

Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches
This bloke is the dean of honest, on-the-ground, unembedded, Iraq war journalism. He's an Arab-American who lives in Alaska when he isn't risking his life in Iraq (don'tja just love the globalised world).

Vote fraud, presidential skulduggery, intrigues at the top levels of the imperium – this blog by a far-left Democrat might just be the best running commentary on the twisted machiavellian world of American politics around.

Investigating New Imperialism
Incisive comment from the UK by William Bowles. Excellent stuff on the London Bombings, Blair and the erosion of civil liberties.

Flogging the Simian

Prodigious output of well-informed comment (and links) on international affairs by Soj, an American residing in Romania. Watch out for his Personal Daily Briefing (PDB). His investigation of the Jonathan Keith Idema affair is legendary (see RH column of his page).