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Sydney rally and march, Saturday 5 November 2005

It was the first opportunity to protest against the draconian "anti-terrorist" and sedition laws introduced by the Howard Government, and possibly the last before the new laws make such expressions of dissent illegal.

More than 2000 people rallied at Sydney's Belmore Park before marching up Elizabeth Street, Down Liverpool Street to George Street and back to Belmore Park.

Many of the banners and placards depicted here will clearly be illegal, and punishable by seven years gaol, under the new sedition laws.

Please feel free to use these pictures. If you do so please credit "Possum News Network: www.brushtail.com.au". High resolution versions of these and other pics available on request.

The march moves down Liverpool Street. (Why were the cops wearing those black gloves?).

Says it all, really ...

What the sedition laws will do to free speech.

John Howard and his security guard have their say, but a Muslim granny isn't buying the message.

The rally takes the pledge to resist the new laws.